If you follow the path from Delicious to where it forks into Unexpected, you are almost there.

Pepper Springs is a magical place where the sun shines brighter and the breeze blows gently across the fields.

Close your eyes and let your senses explore the rich aromas that float on the air.  Wander through rich gardens and sample an abundance of flavors.

The natives are friendly and the food is bountiful.  You will be welcomed with flavorful dishes that you won't find anywhere but at Pepper Springs.

Enjoy yourself.  The atmosphere of simple country pleasures will relax you and the comforting flavors of garden fresh vegetables will refresh your soul.

Take the time to mark your path as you find your way back home.  Once you have visited Pepper Springs, you are considered a welcome friend and will be dearly missed by the residents.

Feel free to return often.  There are always fresh things growing in the garden and sharing them with you is the most important thing in the world.

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